CNotes is an online stock portfolio management site. CNotes uses the latest PHP server scripting and a MySQL database system to manage and compute values from the stock market. CNotes is designed to be the premier in stock portfolio management systems. Access your stock portfolio anytime, from anywhere, using CNotes.

CNotes is currently in a prototype stage. Click on the 'Quote' and 'History' links for a liimited-functionality demonstration of CNotes.


Site moved back to multiple pages to simplify the handling of data. This has the effect of making the code significanty more clean and organized, as well as eliminates the need for a complicated system to keep track of the current "function".


The HTML interface has been cleaned up with more consistent Quote/History buttons. The main PHP code has also been consolidated into one "quotes.php" file, instead of having a separate file for quotes and history. Steps that still need to be completed:
- Implement "Lookup" page for missing or incorrect symbols.
- Tweak code so IE won't run in it's HTML standard (quirky) mode.
- Final code cleanup.


The Quote and History pages now have limited functionality, try a symbol or two. The bug that caused queries for IBM to fail has been ironed out.